Those many years of high school, mandated and time controlled by school bells and home work. That youthful innocence that deceived you. The self righteous declaration that once graduated there would be no home work. No one would dare to tell you what to do with your time ,where to do it and how. I can’t help but laugh as I was one of the many teens that had once uttered those words. The wonderful world of adulthood. No one will tell you how to spend your day. It wasn’t till today that I realized how uninformed with the realities of adult hood that we had been. Today shopping with my teens I was met with the realization that you never escape homework. It follows you throughout life. As children and teens we have homework dictated by teacher and parents. Adults get there dose of homework in the form of manual and dictatorial labor. Math is covered not only when the Friday paycheck arrives but throughout every day as you calculate what you earn and how many other humans are expecting a cut of your wages. Your house hold cleaning whether it be kitchen or bathroom, laundry or cooking becomes the homework after what is normally a ten hour real work day ha-ha. The schedule of your own teens keeps you jumping and driving with the same pace as the class room late bell that still rings in the ears of our child hood memories. Needless to say their is no escape,your job will follow you home and your home will become your job. This is not a sad thing as long as we survive our daily life as we did our high school life. Fill the hallways and classrooms of your adult life with friends. Remember to laugh and occasionally break a rule or show up late. Hold family dear and learn to share from them and with them. Eat your meals with people you like ,exercise and talk with those who share your world. And above all else do your home work !!!………..Land of Rose


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