Monthly Archives: November 2014

Frozen garden

The smell of baking fills the house, windows cracked the air blows thru carrying the smell of burning leaves. Not a complaint as these are the smells of fall. I have found that fall causes an urge for nesting. There is a point when all creatures of nature prepare for winter. As I walk to the garage I see a scurry of activity in the woods where the yard ends. I open the freezer and tuck in the last of the gardens yield. I smirk as I look out to the yard. There, dancing in the wind are the once beautiful leaves. Once bearing the brilliant colors of summer, they now crinkle as they dance in their costumes of natural brown decay. I though, smirk as I look to the colors that dance within my freezer. The many colored bags of red and yellow tomatoes. A rainbow colored shelf filled merely with a variety of peppers. A few shelves hold apples and fruits. Strawberry’s’ peek out thru a frosted cover and look just as brilliant as the day they left the vine. I close the freezer and head back inside. Today as the weather is more fall than winter I must work on the rest of my baking. Much like the squirrel that reaps the bounty of the woods,I can store up for the winter. I am grateful for my garden, for fall days that I can bake and freeze all the items to see us thru. Chili and spaghetti sauce sit cooling to freeze. A few more items to bake and they to will cool on the counter. In my heart I am proud, the colors and smells of summer will find refuge in our home. I truly believe that if you are blessed with a garden to harvest you should use it all. With two freezers and Gods blessing on our harvest we will relive the senses of summer on many a cold winters night. Gardens emptied and freezer filled, I set on the porch and relax. There is beauty in this season, there is now prepared anticipation for the winter. Enjoy the smells and sounds of fall, bake to warm your home. Rake leaves and absorb the last of falls fresh beauty. Appreciate, embrace and live with nature. The beauty and purpose of the season is endless. Land of Rose


Snow flakes and wrinkles

Single snow flakes pass occasionally thru the light outside my door. The heat of the oven helps take the chill from this fall evening. As I stand in the door way the moon light catches shadows of leaves as they dance off into the darkness. I can’t help but wonder, in the fall dance of the leaves. Do they know the snow flakes that dance by their side? Do they realize ,much like grey hair and wrinkles to me. The snowflakes are the equivalent to both in the life span of the leaf. We both now show signs of the seasons we’ve journeyed thru. Snow flakes to leaves, much like grey hair and wrinkles signal the beginnings of an end. Both natural in comparison. Neither should signal sadness. Both are naturally part of the footsteps of this journey. I chuckle at the rationing s of an old lady. The smell of chocolate chip cookies have eased their way to the door. Seemingly to taunt me as I gaze off into the night. Ha, wrinkles and leaves, such silliness. I, with all its aggravation would choose the wrinkles and grey. In lieu of the short but beautiful life of the leaf. Into the fall night dance the leaves and branches. They becomes smaller and smaller as they break down, decompose and feed the earth,. They become a part of the next season, the next generation. I smile as I realize we are not much different. We to, travel all to short a journey. Beauty and emotions fill the path. Once our season comes to an end we will have left hopefully something positive for the next who travel that path. May the dance we call life touch all venues of nature. May we grow and nurture till within our last season we simply dance off into the night. Riding the evenings wind , bathed in snow flakes and moonlight. Closing the door I just grin, I find myself doing that a lot. For now, till the snow flakes dance me off into the night I will have fresh cookies with my family. I will leave small parts of my beauty in the wake of all I see and love….. Be sure you do the same!! . Land of Rose