Posted on January 12, 2014 by barkyrose

He was on time! In all the days they had walked this world together he had been late. He had been late the first time they met. She had been a receptionist at a job site he had applied to. He was late and almost passed over were it not for the haunting blue eyes that commanded her mind. After a heart felt tale of rescuing a cat from a tree she allowed him to apply. Their first date was way laid as he had stopped to help an older woman with a flat tire. Late for the birth of not only their first child but for all three that followed. Many times had she looked at her watch and cringed. Thousands of times she had rehearsed the scolding he would receive when he arrived late. Millions of times he was forgiven as those blue eyes looked deep into her soul. Each excuse and cause for being late found him helping one wayward soul or another. To love a man who stopped life and time to help others was beyond description. Long ago she had gladly accepted his lateness along with the fact that he was of the kindest of creatures to walk this earth. A smile crept onto her face as she recalled the boyish grin that always accompanied the explanation of his lateness. She couldn’t help but feel warm inside as she recalled the way his arms would hold and tease her into forgiving his tardiness. A life time engulfed in laughter and love,raising children and of course forgiveness. Today ,why today had he been on time, all those years of love and success , all working well into the life time of missed appointments. No matter what event he had arrived to late he had arrived, blue eyes dancing as he prepared to tickle the lines of fret from her face. Today he had been on time,no one persons run of bad luck or need for assistance had deterred him today. Today his dancing blue eyes would not run inside minutes late with a joke or reasonable excuse for not being there. Today he will not hold her in his arms and love her into a smile and forgiveness. Today he was on time, today he broke her heart . Today in front of them a small child darted in front of a car, running right on time he had stepped in front of the car and shoved the child to the side. She stood awestruck as sirens wailed and a mother cried. In all the years of being late today he had been on time. Eyes closed she saw him in the street, arms wide she held him and watched his last breath. This one time and one time only he had been right on time…………Land of Rose.


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