Monthly Archives: February 2014

Don’t over evaluate life,if it feels good and no one gets hurt do it! If you love someone tell them, if you want something go for it. Smiles are free, hate and guilt lead to ulcers. It’s all pretty simple, we spend to much time worrying and not enough living!….Land of Rose


Beauty isn’t how you look, it’s how your looked at. The radiance of a smile or a kind deed is far more lovely than a face or figure that will tarnish with age.When you look in your mirror years from now the only beauty you will see is the memories of the lives you’ve touched, people you’ve helped.I am thankful for all the beautiful people in my life!!! Land of Rose

I have been blessed to work with many famous people, in my life. Not movie stars or politicians, not singers or writers. From the volunteer fireman who leaves his family to save yours, to the person who gives their time to enhance the lives of the disabled.They are strong, amazing ,and generous. I am privileged to spend my life with people like that. I thank you for your strength,while knowing your own pains go unnoticed. I understand the tears you quietly shed when the crisis is over. I know how much you give of yourself and the toll it takes on your body and soul!!! You are the true reality stars that shine in this world! Know you are appreciated, even when we forget to thank you !! Take a moment to see the stars in you life, take a minute to let them know its worth it !!! Land of Rose

A mother cherishes them when they are small, and a hug can cure all their problems. A mother silently cries when they are hurting and you can’t kiss it away!A mother accepts that she is usually wrong, and knows she will be till they acquire children of their own.A mother knows that age and time will steal their innocence as it turns them into adults. A mother will love eternally through all the good and bad choices. You are never alone, as I am always by your side, as you are always a heart beat away from mine! I would not change you for anything!…Land of Rose

We spend a lot of time and money dressing up our appearance.Yet the thing that makes us beautiful ,is the love we have from family and friends. Invest time in those that complete our life’s and bring us joy!!! Land of Rose


Little steps leave large foot prints in paths to remarkable things! Ambition isn’t always recognized or appreciated, but is a natural fuel for building dreams. Your ambition and potential are endless. Today your dreams ,tomorrow your reality. In that they will notice the impact of baby steps !!……………….Land of Rose

The warmest colors dot the sunset. But the winds that blow from those warming colors are cold and harsh . It was but nights ago that the bon fire crackled for comfort. Tonight the flames are enjoyed for the heat they share. My beautifully leave covered trees no longer dance with the wind. Tonight they begin to shiver, the winds that were once their partners in dance have stripped them of their leaves. They now stand cold and naked as the mistress of winter echoes with the winds. She is coming , the fall beauty gone. But with the ice and snow comes new beauty . As with all seasons , this is how we grow . Without them there would be no changes, the good and the bad, there would be no life. So build a strong fire, hold close to those you love and face the mistress of winter,till spring takes her place..Land of Rose

What a great night, realized I won the lottery. I looked at my life ticket and found 3 amazing kids and husband that love me,a house and yard full of critters whose eyes light up and tails wag when they see me. Not wealthy but rich ,Friends who go way back, family that has my back. When you feel down, really look at your life ticket.You’re a winner were it counts. If your reading this you are to me……….Land of Rose

Sometimes life’s like walking in the snow, seems like the coldest, hardest walk of your life.Then spring comes, the warmth ,the beauty, so keep walking till you find spring it’s worth it ,your worth it. The journey is never as long as it seems to take when your making it.You are your own strength Land of Rose

Sheltered from the cold winds in their tiny little house he sat holding her hand. So many days and evenings of their life had been spent like this. The house was small, with not nearly enough room for the family they had. He couldn’t help but think that her tiny hands , much like their small house were strong and perfect. To look at both you would wonder how either had the strength to raise a family with love and devotion. As his thoughts traveled thru the years and memories he unconsciously squeezed her hand 3 times. He smiled as he completed the third squeeze, the same smile that covered his face the day he got up the nerve to ask her out. The smile that engulfed them both as she said yes and squeezed his hand 3 times. In the moments of happiness and sadness when words would not do, there would be 3 squeezes. Three squeezes during the birth of all four children. Three squeezes, hands held as the pain tore thru her body bringing their children into the world. No medicine could compare to the unspoken comfort of his hand squeezing hers. Hands held tightly as their daughters adorned their gowns and married their husbands. Three squeezes kept her eyes filled with tears of joy as their children all left and built lives in their own little houses. Those same tiny hands cared for him in their tiny house when he became ill. Caring for him and working two jobs to keep them going. Yet every night no matter how tired, she would squeeze his hand three times and assure him it would be OK. Tonight as he held her hand and relived their life he was happy. There is a warmness and comfort that is found when you can look back on a life lived with love and companionship. Even with a life time of struggles and making ends meet they held together, blessed in in the riches of mutual love and respect. Thru the joys and struggles in life they would squeeze each others hands and say everything that words could not. Tonight he again squeezed her hand,never had he felt so lonely. Tonight ,children at her side he had gently kissed her cheek. The beautiful eyes that had adored him for a life time did not open. His heart sank as he squeezed her hand again. A sadness over whelmed him as his daughters cried. For all the years of caring for others she had now fallen ill. Months ago he had squeezed her hand as the doctor said it was only a matter of time. She had squeezed his hand when they told their children and friends. She squeezed tight to his hand as the days grew long and more pain filled. Tonight he had told her it was okay to go, he knew as he kissed her cheek that she would hold on forever if he asked. With all the strength he had he thanked her for a life time. With tears in his eyes he squeezed her hand 3 more times. In that very moment she took a deep breath, her eyes opened, a tiny smile touched the ends of her lips. He looked into those eyes and saw a light and an undeniable comfort. She squeezed his hand and closed her eyes. He held on for a second and then turned and wiped his tears. He held his daughters and comforted them. In his own heart he had found a bit of the peace he had seen in her eyes. In that moment he felt not only the love of a life time but the comfort that faith brings. As he held his daughters he squeezed each one three times. In each squeeze he felt her love warm him, he knew she had not gone far. He knew her strength and love would see him thru till he once again could give her three squeezes………………Land of Rose