The sun sets in the chill air of this March night. The cold air dancing outside finds me struggling to use the word spring. Though the current temps lead us to question the “spring is here” statement. The skyline however, screams loudly in what can only be described as a spring sunset. Have you noticed that as spring takes its reign on the sky the winter colors of sunset have too disappeared. Now the sunsets though engulfed in a winters nights air have more color and life. If I may they now carry the colors of Easter and babies rooms. The softest of pinks and blues now wait in the sky line. Soft Easter colors that wait to fade into the darkness of night. It is these colors that make us feel renewed. To see the sun setting into a cotton candy colored sky. A warm tea with the captain as I set on my back porch. Both drink and the comfort of my faded leather jacket keep me warm in the cold air. It is nights like these that naturally draw us to stay up later. Each one of us fighting to surrender the beauty of the day to sleep and darkness. Though my thoughts struggle to think of other things my body soon surrenders to the soft colors of the sunset. The cold air now replaced with the captains touch and the old leather that has shielded me for years. With the last drag of my cigarette I stand to go inside.Tonight I will dream of Easter egg clouds and the spring flowers that will soon adorn my yard. From my window it will look as if it were dressed in the most elaborate of Easter attire. Tonight as I walk inside and lock the door I feel the comfort of my home. I; like the sun have shown with brilliance today. But now I to will fade into my own sunset and dream till morning calls to me from my window. With the good lords blessings I will awake to the rustling of family and the sun in my eyes. Good night friends and loved ones. Stay warm and prepare to wake to the beauty of another spring day ! Land of Rose


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