Signs of change, you reach ages or stages in life where you feel settled. You wake to the morning with a comfortable “life”. Whether blessed with the love of person or pet you live each day noting that all is good. This life and moment is all I need. Then you stand on the porch in the spring moon light. As the nights wind dances around, you feel awakened. Is it the newness of the spring air? Is it the guarded relief that winter and its solitary cold has left. Is it the glow off the new moon that sparks a spring nights fire? Options and opportunity’s, when content and happy with things why change? I feel we are beings stimulated and fed by knowledge. Like a spring garden , we must nourish our souls. I struggle to go inside, my grandmother always said” no matter how tired the body. The mind may not let you sleep”. In the moonlight I struggle, regardless of path chosen I want to make a difference. The foot prints we leave should be walking stones for others. I have never been a fan of forks in the road. But as in life sometimes you come to the perpetual version. You reach points in life’s journey where you need to choose your route. Like tonight, I can sit on my porch swing for hours. Though I embrace this nights spring air it will not help me. My thoughts race as so many things run thru my mind. Whats the right choices and in what venue will we cause the most positive impact? Enough, at 50 I should know it will come from the gut. As I put out my cigarette and head inside I look again to the beautiful spring sky. I am now possibly ready to sleep. As with all of life’s choices I will close my eyes and say my nightly prayers. I will thank the lord for what I have and pray for another day to grow.. God bless my friends and good night.. Land of Rose


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