This is one of those nights when I must question the view from my window. If you knew not the day. you would ponder as to if it be spring or fall. I can’t help but admire mother natures sense of humor. From my window the trees stand dark and naked in the moon light. A cool chill air carries small cold rain drops that slip and slide down the side of my van. The porch light reflects two large Christmas candle decorations at the side of the porch. Were it not for the calendar I would question as to if the goal was setting them up for Christmas. The reality being its tearing them down to store thru the months that be spring and summer. Either season, this time of night calls to my sense’s. Quietly I hope the confusing drizzle would show its true spring character and light up the sky with spring storms. How beautiful is the lighting dancing in the sky to the sound of applauding thunder. Even when the thunder shakes the windows and the lighting brightens the room , it brings me peace. In all its oddness I am at my most rested when the world storms and clatters around me. Well that being said I shall retire. As I head inside there is a slight rumble in the distance. I turn to look in hopes of catching the beginnings of an evenings light show. In the darkness I see nothing but soft rolling clouds floating gently around the moon. I to shall retire to the comfort of my room and prepare for sleep. Much like the moon now glowing nestled in its cloud filled bed. As I say my prayers and close my eyes I am thankful. For both the ending of winter, beginning of spring and the beauty that will soon be fall. Bring deep the healing powers of a spring nights air. Hold close to someone you love and God bless………..Land of Rose barkyrose.blog.com


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