I visited a friend today, we sat and talked at her house. This act is rare for me as I am neither social nor a butterfly. I have never been one to find comfort in society. Not even in groups of people that I hold dear do I enjoy long style visits. Much like today my mind wanders as I enjoy the conversations. My friend and I shared the normal, hows the kids and family type banter. It wasn’t long before the (much like my home) complaining started. Totally distraught, was my friend that the big screen H.D. had died. Amidst her revaluations of how hard it would be to replace I was distracted by the 3 children in the other room all i pads in hand. All were clustered in front of a big screen. Beside each child was a dog and cat and 3 cell phones. As she used her new single serve coffee pot I listened to just how bad the U.S. was becoming. I couldn’t help but feel a little disheartened. We may be struggling as a country, but are still blessed ten fold compared to most. Have you ever noticed our dog and cat foods are made from better foods than some countries have for their people. There are people who own more shoes and purses than some people have in clothes. We live, for the most part in houses that afford heat in the winter and coolness in the summer. We can lock our doors and bear arms if needed to defend family and home. In some countries people still survive in huts and can be drug away in the night to be forced into being a soldier or killed. Bear in mind I do not judge, just thoughts that cross my mind. The television sings a sad song in the distance, pleading brown eyes from children and pets. Nations away, live thousands of people who struggle nightly for food and safety. I am so thankful that the good lord placed me here. I hug my friend and make my way to the door. Randomly, as most my thought patterns travel I again must wonder. I know in my faith that there is no difference in the heart that beats in me compared to the women who struggle in other lands. Blessed am I that I was born into a nation as this. By what luck did I end up here? I could easily be setting out side my hut, campfire my only light. A mother clutching her family in the approaching darkness of night. No door to lock nor bed to crawl in. No television to lull me to sleep with the sounds of my children tucked safely inside. I could have been setting with my family by the fire. The only sounds is the awakening animals who prepare to hunt in the night. As I get into my car and hit the radio , I am again surrounded by the politics and negativity of today’s society. Endless complaints of I should have and why not me. Why not me, maybe if we looked at that question differently as I just did. On bad days , and we all have them, change the thought pattern. When you can’t understand why your life is so rough, try this. Why me, why was I chosen to be born in a land of rights. Why was I blessed with the struggles of a house to big. I too hate big medical bills, I would hate it worse if the nearest doctor was cheap but 100 miles away. I hate the cost of clothing and utilities but I thank the good lord I have an opportunity to achieve both. Oh well I must go, like I said just thinking……….Now I hope you are to !! Land of Rose WordPress.com


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