Anniversary; a celebration of love and commitment etched in time. A date shared with friends and family, moments filled with smiles and laughter. I can remember their anniversary, he always brought her rose’s. Sometimes joking ,sometimes with an edge of grumpiness she would tell him ” why roses, I’m not your mother”. Every year thru fortune and misfortune they held strong. Not at all story book style, arguments were as frequent as hugs and kisses. She always said in all those years that they never slept apart no matter what crisis mandated the day. If one went they both went, an old style love. A warm feeling holds me as memories take me back to anniversary’s past. We talked tonight it had been to long, with a sigh she ask the question that I knew would come. In that voice that is forever mom she says “did you call to say hi or is it because of what day it is”. How do you answer, of course I know what day it is ! This year , it will be 20 years that she faced this date alone. Soon to be 20 years since anyone called to wish them a Happy Anniversary. Trying to speak with voice not breaking I said of course I knew. There are no words from that point that will offer comfort. In her very breath I could not only hear but sense her pain and loneliness. On this night it is hard to relive the many happy memories that were. Hard to speak when I knew that soon she would go to bed. For 20 years the bed they once shared now offers only lonely restless sleep. In the land of Rose I would grant minutes from heaven on these special dates. Just seconds , a mere moment to touch and verify that the journey will one day bring them together again. We talk with polite conversation, the date and what it represents weighs heavy in the air. I can’t help but wipe a tear as we say good night and love you. I would in a flash get dressed and go sit with her, yet we both know that there will be no comfort tonight. Tonight in our evening prayers we will both pray for sleep. A dream filled sleep containing only the most joyful of anniversary memories. Happy Anniversary John and Angelica Duncan. A love worth celebrating…Land of Rose /


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