Know that in the magnitude of this world we can thrive. There is nothing so horrible that you cannot move forward and or past it. Dwelling on the past will only scar and tarnish your future. I truly believe we make the best choices we can in the moments we have. I know we are also one in the same, yet many characters in the days that span between birth and current day. Know that like the seasons people change. You may have more than one soul mate, makes sense being that we all have more than one personality. Give what you can and embrace the choices made. If and when the purpose for making that choice changes or looses it brilliance then move on. File it as a learning tool, be kind to who and what you leave. Acknowledge what once was, then head held high, shoulders back; embrace and move forward into what is the next step of this journey. Don’t carry the baggage of life and choices. Move them to memories and cherish the joy that was. Learn from the pain that was a part of the experience. For love with out pain has no mathematical bearing in this world. Simplify; love and live and don’t look back..Land of Rose /


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