Memorial day in the Land of Rose

As a child there was the pilgrimage to the cemetery a couple times a year.  The younger years involved planting a plant at the head stones of those whose journey led them from us.  As time progressed it was plastic items and a list of rules that limited what could respectfully adorn the stone.  I have an appreciation for the art that is a head stone. I enjoy reading the stones and picturing the people they now represent.  I have taken my children to see the headstone of my father ,sister and others that have impacted my life. We did the family reunion stroll to look at the many family names that now rest below the well manicured grass and trees.   I do not however go there often.  If you do not know me , my house is filled with animals, plants and people. My decor is early barn, enhanced with the pictures of all the people who have shared me journey.  Memorial day is a time to honor those who have journeyed on before  us. A time when people adorn the stones of loved ones.  Honorable markers for military and those cherished by all who knew them. In my reality every day is Memorial day. If you are like me you walk each day not only with their memories , but with the parts of them that made you whole. Daily, the pictures remind me of those who have gone. No trip to the cemetery is needed as I have their reflections in every room.  Honor and mourn those who have stepped into the next journey before you. Let their memories shine within you, tell their stories and the ways they shared your smiles and tears. More than once a year reflect, let the fire in your heart carry  the embers of their torch.  Today and every day memorialize them in the good deeds done and the stories shared.  No stone can bear witness to the amazing life of  family and friend . You carry their torch, till our journeys cross again. Tell stories of their life and moments shared. In this way their torch and soul carries on till it once again merges within the flame that is you….  Land of Rose


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