Tired heart

I appreciate modern technology and all the advances it brings to health and safety.  I am saddened  by the loss of  human socializing that has disappeared in it’s wake.  I grew up in a society where you spoke to everyone, eye to eye, person to person.  You couldn’t wait to go to school or join sports or a club so you could hang with friends. You knew most weekends would involve a visit to, or from a cousin, aunt or grandparent. No matter what you thought of your parents opinion you stood silently as they talked.  Today’s world there are teenagers who verbally and openly question the thought that the parent thinks they know everything. Parents , the menace that tortures children and imprisons teens. I fully expect my children to think I’m clueless till they are 30 or 40.  I to in the teen years felt my mom and dad had no clue about the world. They liked to nag,  and chose to make a miserable life of slavery and drudgery my future.  I at 49 ( took till 30 to start to comprehend) realize that parents often make choices and request that seem unfair. As the mother bird shoves her babies from the nest, parents to must push. We need to stand up if criticized, stand strong in the face of accused injustice.  It is hard at times and weighs heavy on my heart. I now know why mom seemed so tired, it wasn’t just the job she had before coming home to us. It was (as i look back now) the job of taking care of us. Many a time when asked to do chores, simple things like dishes of trash there would be complaining . Some times she’d say don’t  talk back and do it, we all have to help out. Others times she would just look down and then do it herself.   Memories now vivid, I can see she wasn’t just tired, there was a sadness. A good mother pushes her child so they can grow and become adults that lead healthy productive lives.  There are however days when moms are truly just tired.  Tired of being wrong, tired of pushing and getting nothing but flack.   Wondering if indeed had you raised them right, would you have to argue for help. Does a mother fail when no one wants to carry the burden of home and food. I’m not sure which is worse the fact you have to beg for help( my moms term). Maybe the fact you just figured they would want to help. Possibly wanting to ease the load of their mother, with one carrying for 3 now adults.  Cell phones in hand and pods or pads whatever they are. Conversations carried out with our thumbs, rudeness to parents. There is an air of entitlement  in today’s world.  So many things have changed since the days of my teens. But one thing remains, the silent hurt on a mothers heart when disrespected.   But as with any mom, tiny comments can hit close.  Even when you know  you will need to stand your ground . If only to help them continue to become the wonderful people they are destined to be. Much like the pain of labor this to will pass. Oh how I rattle on, I should be I must go as I have a load of laundry on the line, and dishes. I look down and say, don’t worry I got it, yes that’s sarcasm.


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