Empty box

It was a joke in our family that most children would play with the box the toy came in longer than the much anticipated toy. Life is that way, as I grow older I realize we overlook the true meaning of “life is a gift”. It is not a gift that once opened, there is suddenly  joy and fun. It is more like the empty cardboard box that most of us enjoyed as children. Life is only wonderful when you, yourself fill it. Find your curiosity in life, search for love . Enjoy the natural beauty of not only the land  but the people and animals that share it with you. Find the  same excitement you have opening a Christmas present, when you are caught in a sudden spring rain.  Let your eyes sparkle in the reflections of spring lightning as it rips thru the sky.  Know the greatest gift you have received is the ability to learn, grow and share.  You are not only, the gift to others, but  they are yours.  Fill your world with appreciation and the wondrous beauty that can be, will follow.  Land of Rose….


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