The evening sun sets with in the winds of a springtime storm. The trees dance to the rhythm singing out from the wind tossed chimes that adorn my porch. In the 49 years of my life I experienced many forms of beauty. But in those years I have not only viewed but have felt the beauty of many an evening storm. The magnificent colors of the evening sky, the brilliant hues of yellow and red as the sun fades beyond the blue sky line. The winds dance below, tossing the rain drops into a glittering water full of sun set illumination. As darkness over takes the blue sky and the sun is replaced by the moon the storm passes. It leaves behind the freshest of scents, a mix between new cut grass and the ever cleansing scent of a hardy rain. Tonight the cool air that followed the storm is refreshing. Windows open I lay on my bed, the scuttle of evening life begins outside. Momentarily halted by the storm the creatures retake the night. Windows open the curtains wave casually to me as I breath in the end of another day. With that same breath I embrace the beginning of spring. I cuddle my pillow as the darkness thickens. The moon light dances with the curtains causing little glimpses of light to dance across my bed. There is a peace that comes with age, an appreciation of the beauty and fierceness of mother natures storms. I close my eyes , window open I fall asleep to the sounds of an evening wind. The breeze enters my room and leaves taking all the struggles of the day from me. As will all spring storms it has cleared my soul and revived my spirit. With gratitude for God and nature I sleep. ………. Land of Rose

Windows open


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