As the spring sun slips slowly below the tree line, it takes with it the warming rays of light that had engulfed me. The sun in all its brilliance has warmed my house despite the best attempts at fall like winds to win the battle of the day. This spring has been a struggle between spring and fall like temps. Confusion seems to be altering the path of many migrating birds. The buds on the trees reach out cautiously ,unsure of the safety in these chilly spring winds. Unusual temps or not you cannot alter the path of nature. Maybe slower to respond they adapt to the differences and follow their natural route. People also follow the animals and plants in winter. We huddle in , most going outside the shelter only to work or collect food. The smell of spring fills the air and our hearts. Much like the animals and plants of nature we slowly step out of our winters lull to cautiously welcome spring. We, like the snakes and reptiles of the woods know deep inside it is time to move. To breath in the soon to be warm spring air. Like the buds on the trees and the birds returning to nest we are creatures of nature. With the setting of the sun my body slows. A new spring moon now claims the sky, shadows form at the edge of my woods. I head inside as I pull my wrap a little tighter. The moon has a spring beauty of its own. I pause and shiver , not just the cool evening air but the reality of natures journey. Seasons and years, each one breathing new life into the next. Time to grow, time to rest and time to heal. All with in the seasons of our life. I shall as with all that is natural enjoy the spring part of this journey. I will grow with in the nurturing warmth of a sunny spring day. I will cherish every moment until the winds of fall call out the approach of winter. I will watch the sun set and the moon rise and spring forth a better person. I will shine like the rays of sunshine that wake you when you sleep in on a Sunday morning. I will glow not only in the appreciation of the journey I travel, but in the faith that keeps me strong when the path is riddle with hardship… Face everyday with the appreciation you give a spring day……your reward will be endless..Land of Rose

Spring Warmth


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