The sun set way to quickly tonight. I make myself a cup of tea to prolong going to bed. A day filled with old religious movies and time with my kids. I can no longer say kids, they are teens, young adults. This year there was one basket instead of three. This year there was less candy ,but together we made cup cakes and cookies. I know if I go to sleep the joy of this holy weekend will end. Moments after I close my eyes ,even before sleep takes over, this day will become a memory. Easter 2014 will join the ranks of holidays past and find itself a spot tucked deep within my mind. Nothing special about this Easter, yet again nothing simple. Together in an unrushed state we shared our time. Joined in conversations of God and faith, views shared and views challenged. No comparison to the days of waking early to see what the Easter bunny had brought. No squeals over new Easter dresses. Moments of child filled Easter memories dance in and out of my mind as I place my now empty tea cup in the sink. I listen as the house begins to settle, no small children’s voices just the echos of three beautiful people preparing for bed. As I crawl into bed next to my husband I am ready to close my eyes and let the magic of sleep file this day away. I move closer to him as his warmth touches my ever chilled and always cold feet. In my heart I know that I can file today where it belongs for now it is a memory. My mind and my heart assure each other that when we awake that same beauty will be there. The faith expressed in my good night prayers gives me comfort in the fact that there would be many more dreams built together. Many more Easters to live and experience. May the blessings of faith bring you a wealth of health and happiness. Happy Easter….Land of Rose

Easter 2014


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