She stood in a clearing nestled deep in the woods. Her beauty illuminated by the camp fire. Her dark hair dances in the wind as her deep brown eyes flicker in the reflection of the fire light. With pride she over sees her work, a job well done. This was one of the best fires she’d ever seen. The rocks all hand picked as the children played by the creek. Old tree stumps are quite naturally placed around the fire as if she herself, had placed them there and not an act of nature. The wind that causes her hair to dance now carries the scent of a stew. Wild carrots and potatoes mingle with the forest herbs to create a mouth watering scent. She looks towards the edge of the woods, between her and the woods stood a wagon train style circle of tents. In the distance she could hear her family and friends. The distant darkness is broken by wandering lights coming towards her. The nights silence is now echoing the chatter of those returning from the hunt. She can’t help but smile, for there in the deepest of woods was her family, her friends, what in totality ended up being her community. She sits cross leg on a mat she had woven by the fire. As she stirs the stew and pokes at the fire she can now see them. Singing and running they have returned. As with every time they are again amazed by her ability to build a home in the woods. With the moon bright in the sky and the tribe all having eaten, she pushes around the last embers of the fire. Soon the night air will echo snoring from the tents. The last of the campfire embers have died and the moon is now the only light. She to, now crawls in the tent making her way across the kids and next to her man. With arm around him she says her nightly prayer. She is thankful for all the gifts nature and God have given her. All things considered has time changed so much? Now can you tell me. Is this beautiful woman a Native American and her family are hunting buffalo centuries ago? Could she be a suburban house wife on vacation camping and hunting arrow heads. No matter, it just goes to show that for centuries women have gotten the job done. They have a spirit and fierceness that rivals time. For all the things that time has touched, I know this is one thing that will be eternal. A mothers love a woman’s fortitude……….Land of Rose

Camp fire beauty


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