The wind chimes have danced out side all day, their tune wafting into the open window. Yes I said open, winters breeze may return tonight but for now it is spring in all its beauty. I have so waited for this day, there have been others this season but they were merely a tease. Today though I could through open the windows and release the thick air of winter from my home. There is a depression that some have thru the winters months. I feel it is not only the solitude of the winters temperature, but the stale air of holidays past. With all its healing glory the spring air pushes into the house. As if on wings it carries the smells of winters stale air out the window, there it looses itself in the sunlight. The spring air takes over and you automatically feel fresh and revived. Much like the all engulfing rays of a full moon the feeling breaths new life into you. Spring winds that carry a chorus of birds and wind chimes fuel your energy. Throw open your windows and breath in the newness and freshness that mother nature offers. Walk in the spring mornings light and gather wood for an evening fire. Return home and throw open all the windows as you putter around your day. As the sun sets you sit around the bon fire and roast an evening treat. Breath in the newness of the day, your day. Breath in the newness of spring and heal. Sleep in the fresh air that has engulfed your house and mind. Drift off knowing your spring is here, the air warm and comforting. Dream of the beauty this new season will bring… Land or Rose


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