In the typical Monday rush home from work I am half way there before I realize it. Into the house to talk to the teens and the chorus of cats, dogs and birds. Even the dragon waves from his cage. As I toss off my coat and slide out of my boots my mind enters second gear. One portion of my brain focused on the girls and the second reviewing making dinner, washing dishes and possibly a load of laundry. Once we have shared a quick review of “you won’t believe this” and guess what happened to me , I head to the restroom. In a rush I pass the bedroom, there he lays not long from getting home himself. T.V. on, partly dozing partly watching. I toss a smile as I close the bathroom door. Deed accomplished I step out of the restroom and pause at the bedroom door. I can’t help but feel good when I see him there, he looked so comfortable. It would be so easy to slip in beside him on this cool rainy evening. No, there’s dinner for the kids, dishes and the like. I know I’ll be upset if I don’t get things done. I turn and head to the kitchen, the rain soft on the window makes me pause. I know I hate getting off schedule, if I don’t do so much every night it will never get done. For a moment I stop to look out the window. When I looked at him just moments ago he seemed no different than the first moment I saw him years ago, my heart skipped a beat. Looking out into the rain filled spring evening I realize how many moments have passed since the first moment I knew that I loved him. Setting my tea on the counter I realize that I would have regrets if I got behind on my chores. Turning to head to the bedroom I knew that moments lost cleaning could be made up. Moments of lying in the arms of the person you love while a chilly spring rain tap dances on your window are irreplaceable. I slip in beside him as I call out left overs for dinner for anyone in ear shot. As the rain falls we doze and slightly listen to the news. Don’t trade precious moments for must do’s. A warm cuddle from child or spouse trumps a clean house every time. Left overs with the right people is better than a 5 star restaurant. Most importantly there’s always time to enjoy just being one of two, don’t waste moments build memories ! Land of Rose

Sleeping man


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