As the rain dances on the roof I am engrossed in natures symphony. Much like the scratchy sound of a 45 on an old record player, it engulfs me in comfort. In this world of ring tones and new alerts I cherish the internal warmth that it brings. With winters departure the sounds of spring create a chorus that sends me to nestle beneath a warm blanket. Hot tea in hand and the warmth of my husband beside me I listen. The birds call to each other amidst the sounds of rain drops riding the winds. I couldn’t tell you what is on T.V. as the moment is just tranquil. I find my eyes floating thru the most recent seed order catalog. Winter whispers a good bye song as spring pushes her out of the limelight. With rain drops and wind winter leaves us, the beauty of spring will soon take the stage. I have scorned the cold and snow of winter. Tucked here in my warm bed with sunny days so close I, for a minute feel the loss of winters beauty. With all the freezing cold there was still a beauty in it all. For all the annoyances, it is a season that brings out the good in people. With a deep breath and a sip of my tea I flip to the next page. I smile to my crazy old self in the realization that winter, like spring will return again in mother natures dance. With every changing season we will regret the losses and cherish the beauty. As in mother natures dance we will have our spot light, then move on for the next season to shine. So I will enjoy winters end and embrace the spring chorus that the birds will soon sing. I know that it is only natural , in our own lives we must embrace the changing seasons. Accept the changes and loss, and grow in the natural beauty that is our season, cherish their passing embrace their arrival !!…………. Land of Rose


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