Garden walk

When you enter this world ,hold your head high and spread your arms wide. Walk with shoulders back, chest out and a strong gaze. As you grow and learn you are creating the path that you will walk in this journey that is your life. If you walk thru life  head down and dragging your feet ,you will create a path that is narrow and dark. If you do not raise your eyes to the sky you will miss the warmth and beauty that is our day. With a strong stride and a positive attitude you will step over the struggles that litter this world. If you don’t look up and you drag your feet you will be trip and stumble on the many small but survivable problems that are routinely in our way. If you choose to live in a land of negativity ,you will grow only weeds and often deter others from walking with you in the garden that is your life. If you hold head high and share smiles people will be drawn to you and they will grow as if you were the sun. Every person has struggles and pain, every garden has weeds and burs. As you prepare to walk thru the garden that is today, smile and walk proud. We are made to survive and endure, flourish and nurture. Choose what you will see and experience in the stroll thru the garden of your life. Plant beauty and joy and people will share it with you.Choose to grow only negativity and depression and you will live in a garden of darkness growing only sadness and loneliness. My coffee finished I head outside shoulders back, strong stride and smile on my face. My garden is open to be shared and enjoyed.Leave your negativity and sadness and walk in the Rose garden that is my world. Be warned ,it is contagious, you might find your self looking up and growing in the warmth of the sun. Side by side I hope you will join me as we pull the dark sad weeds from your garden and plant seedlings of health and happiness…………Land of Rose


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