Walnuts and Coconuts

Have you ever looked closely at a walnut or coconut? To the naked eye they may seem unattractive. Easily mistaken for something of little or no value if you did not know what they were. Viewing the outer shell closes the mind to the beauty that lays within. What person took the first chance at opening one. Was it accidental or an act of over whelming curiosity? Someone looked beyond what they considered an unattractive shell , took a chance and found something of significance! Something that alone was a meaningful creation with use and purpose. An entity, that when joined with other components became an asset to society. In the world of autism and D.D. you may not understand with your eyes the beauty and creativity before you. Our exterior may be different than most you know. But with positivity and support you could be the one to see beyond the shell. You could be the one to experience the amazing people that live within those labels. In your every day life don’t look away if the shell seems to lack the luster and what you consider beauty. Be brave and let yourself share in the person that is before you, labels and shells aside. As with the person who shared the first walnut or coconut you will find an amazing encounter. You will feel richer and more content. In time you will be thankful for taking a chance and sharing what you found. Look beyond the shell and disability and your life will reap the rewards. ………………………Land of Rose


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