Winters cactus

As I close up the house for the night I embrace the chill night air that looms outside my door. There is a mist that blankets the sky, dark and black held in the coldness of a winters night. I turn to walk to bed and can’t help but smile. My eyes can’t help but look to the window sill as I turn my clocks a head. Spring forward they say, to some, unimaginable as they look out upon the snow covered yards. To many, the winters cold and darkness bring despair. If only those saddened by winters grip could look as I do thru my little window. For there on my sill is my winters cactus. For all the harshness mother nature bestowed on us this year she has offered a sign of beauty and hope. There in all her glory sits my cactus. Not one or two but 8 blooms dance in the moon light that shines thru the darkness into my window. Life has many seasons, some bring joy and some bring struggles. The beauty though is there , yours to see if you choose to look for it. It is easy to succumb to the cold brutal winds of the winters despair. But if you choose you can look at the snow and ice as if it were a background for the beauty that will soon spring forward. Like my cactus and also the violets that adorn my sill they have looked past the snow and cold. They have flourished in the sunshine that found its way to them. In that winters sunshine they have bloomed with the colors of the impending spring. As I turn off the last light and slip into to bed I to have chosen to flourish. I will shake of the dismal effects of the winters day and spring forward with my clock into the beauty that will become spring……Land of Rose


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