A breath
Posted on January 18, 2014 by barkyrose

Walking in the woods this morning my dog and I are preceded by the smoky white vapor that escapes from our lungs. The blinding crystal whiteness of the snow intensifies the beauty of our walk. As a child we would make like we were smoking cigarettes in the winter as our breath would freeze just a little as it left our bodies. The trees of my small forest are decorated in the fashion of winter. Mother natures breath has dusted everything in the same frozen crystals. In one amazing breath she has covered the brown nakedness of the trees. A shimmering coat of crystal reflection now carpets the ground. What magic mother natures possesses, the ability to turn a landscape from dreary to invigorating. At 49 I often wish the hands of mother nature would bestow that same seasonal magic upon my person. Let her join me in the journey of my seasons. Let her breathe beauty into my being, offering rejuvenation to my old withered skin. Ah to dream, for unlike the beauty of my woods mother nature has not gifted me with her healing breath. I will each year wither a little more , I will wrinkle and stoop as I continue my journey. It saddens me at times, but in a moment I remind my self that nature travels in seasons . We travel in journeys, I may not have a winter, spring and fall, I will have journeys each starting reborn, re-existed. I will unconsciously carry the ghost of every journey in my heart. The wisdom and love from each journey will be my season. Each journey I will renew in the beauty that is life and faith. Clearing the edge of the woods the sun bounces off the glistening snow blinding me for a moment. Like a slap in the face from mother nature herself I realize in the realm of all that exist there is beauty. I exhale and watch the winters breath dance for seconds in front of my face. I absorb the beauty of this world and start my day rejuvenated by the beauty that is nature………………..Land of Rose


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