Posted on January 13, 2014 by barkyrose

I had to laugh at my teens, a slow unscheduled Sunday resulted in a Roseann marathon on T.V. My oldest daughter walked into the kitchen informing me that she so gets me and my sister Iris after watching Roseann. Thats where you guys get it from, ha if she only knew. Not just the brazen show of Roseann but others like One day at a Time, strong women breaking old stereo types.Talk about confusion, as little kids we had our Monday night family viewing of Little House on the Prairie. Thursday was the scheduled Walton’s and bed time. No one can forget Lawrence Welk on Sat. The timeless sound of Walt Disney on Sunday night signaling the end of the weekend and start of the work week. My life time memories are a clash of home spun hard working, and no bull shoulders back women. The daring women of Little House on the Prairie standing by their man, soon to be followed by an episode of Maude. Maude was a genetic tie to Roseanne,a cross breed of artistic genetics. I dedicate a second to the Leave it to Beaver world as it never existed in the regions I lived. It was often viewed as more of a comedy. I must admit that the viewing of the Brady bunch left me with many disheartening thoughts. Raised in the country we did not have a large social calendar. Many nights I would listen to the arguments and complaints of my own family. Moments of laughter and sadness all shared, but none lived in anyway like the normal family portrayed on The Brady’s. I can’t describe my internal glee when I got out more and realized just how unreal that show was. The realization that my family was the norm hahahah who would have thought. Decades of change on the old tube challenged my mind and my goals. A woman who not only birthed, but raised me shared many resemblances to the decades of women we adored on the screen. My memories have her dressed in the aprons of many mothers , strong proud and get the job done type ladies. Faith from a catholic back ground taught us to have faith in our heart. Her ability to help those in need and set you straight with a knife like tongue all in a moment taught me empathy. My daughter is right I was molded by generations of talk back, set you straight women. I walk proud if, as a mother and woman I reflect that gift. I can only smile as I see that same light in the eyes of my daughters. Taught not only by the oldies but goodies channels they watch with me, but thru the reflections of the women that came before them. Women that will walk beside them. Women that will write the future scripts of love, fire and wisdom………..Land of Rose


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