Lavander notes
Posted on January 11, 2014 by barkyrose

She awakes and starts her day like any other, coffee pot brewing with an aroma the would awaken the house. She hurries to the bathroom to be the first in line. She lets the dogs out first, knowing she’ll miss her spot in the bathroom if she waits for them. Perfectly timed she leaves the bathroom as the dogs first bark echoes down the hall calling to be let back in. She plugs in the toaster and sets out two cups and three cereal bowls. She again heads for the bathroom to draw two dark lines under her eyes. For as many years as anyone could remember mascara,ponytail and head band, had been the extent of her makeup regimen. In all the years she could remember this was Mon – Friday. She smiles as she sets the cereal on the counter. Soon the house would awake from the nights silence. In mere moments the house will vibrate with the orchestra that is her families day. She can’t help but smile to herself as she listens for the chorus of dislike at having to attend school and work. Warmth and comfort engulf her as it does most mothers. Mothers live not only for job and social aspirations, but for the joy of watching husband and children grow. Building bridges of loving memories that see you well beyond what your mind can comprehend. For a second she wonders why the chatter and scurry of the morning had not begun. As her hand reaches to retrieve the milk from the fridge her mind in jarred. Heart beat racing she reads what seems to be a note written to herself. Sadness over comes her. In moments her mind resets as her heart breaks just a little. With black ink spelled out on lavender stationary were the words no mother wants to see. Simply stated it was reminding her to take her meds. Reminding her that an affliction had caused her to forget things.Caused her to revisit memories in loo of living in the reality of the day. Tears welled in her eyes as she looked about the kitchen. With shaking hands and tear filled eyes she put one of the two cups away. Her mind now clearly in the reality of the day. Her husband having passed , had not shared a morning coffee with her in nearly ten years. The bowls and cereal could rest again in the cupboard. These would not be needed. The children she had once heard preparing for school now dressed and cared for their own babies. With a deep breath she wipes a tear and looks at the lavender printed note. With what seems to be a moments clarity she ponders. Would it be so bad to stay in the fog of the memories past. Is this affliction an illness or a mind altered comfort zone that will see her thru till she once again shares her morning coffee with him. Is it so important to live in the reality of the day. To live in the minds memories of love and happiness may be as simple as a blessing. Something to see us thru until we again walk with the spirits that now live only in our memories and mind. To some the end of the journey is best walked within the spirits of past. She takes her meds and coffee and head to the porch. Cup in hand she chooses to return to the fog of memories. It is here she chooses at least in heart and mind to complete this journey. She will not write another lavender note, she will rock on her porch swing and return to the memories that comfort and complete her……..Land of Rose


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